Recognising Our Nature As Wisdom

In order to recognise
our nature as wisdom,
karma as our teacher,
and our mind as dharma,
we merely remain open-minded.

When our mind is closed, we stick to facts, and become information-bound, which is what A.I does.

We perceive, and that information is stored in memory; we then judge from that memory, and react. That reaction ensures our habitual way of seeing life. This is karma-production, our life programme.

Once we see our karma in action,
we are free in that moment of seeing

– and we are open to wisdom again.

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  1. AI is programmed to use specific data sets. The problem arises when we accept the specific data set, as fact, for all situations and then compare it with another set of changeable parts, which have nothing to do with anything else. As a result, we follow the wrong interpreter, which leads to confusion.

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