The Answer To All Questions

Rigpa answers all questions automatically.
Rigpa is pure consciousness, in the Tibetan Buddhist Nyingma tradition.

Realising our true nature answers all questions. Once we know the truth of our reality – pure consciousness – we will then know what isn’t true, and what is merely believed to be true.

There is much in the world that does not make sense. The natural flow of life is disrupted, and that causes confusion and conflict. We never question this as we are too busy arguing, while assuming that this is the natural way of life. It isn’t … it just became our normal.

Humanity thinks it have evolved when, in fact,
we’ve been kept in nappies!

Disruption is created by demonic influencers who know how to pull our strings and press our buttons. This, of course, sounds like a conspiracy theory, but personal investigation reveals those who want power also want to maintain that power.

They know a secret hidden to humans that has kept humanity in slavery. Demonic forces feed off our emotions, getting us riled up while knowing that sentient beings are gullible and weak, and driven by desire, fear and indifference. If people think life is about self-indulgence, influencers will indulge them.

In this way, we are controlled from birth, starting with those silly songs that plague us throughout life. Demonic forces don’t have to do much to get us to react – we do it ourselves, being easily addicted to sweetness and violence.

But there is an deeper secret; these negative emotions of desire, fear and indifference are, in fact, wisdoms. The strange thing is that, even if we are told about wisdom, we still can’t see it because we feel there isn’t anything to be gained. The very idea of gain is demonic.

There’s mara/demons/dogmatism in us all. When we recognise mara, it becomes the influencer on the path to enlightenment. For this reason, evil can never win – once we know the game.

Merely being told about our demons doesn’t cut the mustard*; we still have to see them within us, and experience the uncomfortable effects.

Be aware of following others as you don’t know which secret they adhere to 😀 If they do not set you free and you feel you have to keep going back for more of the same, you will never answer your own questions. The truth is not only within you … you are the truth!

.* to cut the mustard: to set a standard of high quality.

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