You’re Them

Until we know our true reality, we will live in the reality of others. Once, due to a predisposition and bias, we have adopted others’ ideas, we’ve lost our reality. Ideas are a magic show; we want to be entertained while the magician deceives us. We are mesmerised – and we either like it, or we like reacting to it.

You can only be you when you are free of conforming to a type. Whether we are positive or negative, or we don’t care, we’re all caught up in this illusion.

The moment when we stop and question our assumptions, we wake up … for a moment. The more that we question, the more we see causes and effects, to the extent that when something happens we know it is part of the maintenance of the illusion.

Nothing can destroy pure consciousness. It can only be distracted by fear, hope and dullness. We still have to go through the routines of life … chopping wood, fetching water … but are never seduced by the slights of hand that infiltrate our mind.

Joining spiritual groups or religions is no different – you become them. This is the motivation for elaborations, and it’s a good show.

You are pure consciousness,
unique in your expression,
but nothing special.

If we ignore this,
we become one of them.
😀 😀 😀

Doesn’t that make life absolutely interesting?

This is why the Buddha stated,
“Don’t take my word for it; test it yourself.”

All enlightened beings have an individual light.

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