Are We Born With Predispositions?

Are we born with predispositions that came from a previous incarnation?

If no, we can do what we want, and our predispositions come to an end at death.
If yes, we know what will happen if we do what we want; that creates an opportunity for a predisposition to evolve.

The path to enlightenment is an evolution
from primitive instincts and gross thinking
to inspired intelligence leading to wisdom.

If we ignore this potential,
that is our choice.

Choose wisely, as your level of suffering and happiness depends on it.

Challenges or Obstacles?

Emotions are created when we deal with others, and this is our testing ground for the level of our practice. It’s all very well knowing the scriptures, chanting prayers and meditating, but the real test is in our interaction with others. This is the ultimate measure of our compassion and empathy through genuine realisation.

No empathy, no practitioner.
Know empathy, know the teaching.

Don’t Make Your Dharma Practice Serious

Dharma is light-hearted. Literally- light hearted.
What else is en-lighten-meant to be?

Light-heartedness is catching.
Heavy-heartedness is also catching;
it’s taking ourselves seriously,
and we pick that up from others.

A good teaching is light-hearted.
What is a good teaching?
The one that has a good effect.

Absolute Teaching Is Absolutely Simple

Know self; no attitude; know the teaching.
No intellectual understanding needed.
When we realise how self is a construct,
we no longer …

Belief Is Merely Imagination

Belief isn’t knowing. It is accepting something we’re told, without proof. We become so reliant on others for information that we never actually know anything. If we only believe what others tell us, then we live within their imagination. We will never know until we try it for ourselves. It’s easy to acquire the form – the facade – of knowing, but do we know the essence?

The essence of the Buddha’s teaching is compassionate understanding. To know that, we have to realise the essence of being. Eloquent speech does not mean we know; we are merely repeaters.

Others may tell us what they believe, but that’s all.
Truth is knowing, rather than what is known.

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