Two Views Of God

God: supreme being.
But what is that?

From a theistic point of view, this means a supreme being, a deity.
From a Buddhist point of view, this means our highest consciousness, or pure consciousness.

As a deity, God has to be pure consciousness.
Our original nature is pure consciousness.

As a deity, God is said to control our life.
As pure consciousness, we control our life.

Q: Why would anyone suggest that a deity controls our life, when we can do that?
A: In creating a God, people can be controlled through intercessors who claim to intervene on our behalf.

In that way, thousands of years ago, spirituality became political; this was the beginning of the dark age, the age of strife, the Kali yuga.

Look and see how control has been maintained until this day – and now the internet has taken over as a new tool for the intercessors.

Q: So who runs the world now?
A: Actually we do, but we don’t know it as we gave up our power to others.

Rogue weavers of spells – the manipulators of consciousness – try to make us believe that what they do is for our good when, in fact, what they do is for their good.

This is the answer to all the problems in the world,
and is the reason why we become dependent.

Is this science fiction or science fact or mind control?

Everything that happens is about distraction.
Religion is a powerful tool to control our feelings.
Science is a powerful tool to control our thoughts.

Religion: from ‘religiare’, to bind.
Science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

It would be foolish to think things just happen.
Everything has a cause.

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