How Do We Protect Ourselves From Manipulation?

Know the complete picture.

Certain forms of meditation make us feel good, calm and clear,
so that we can function better than before.

This is not the complete picture of our reality.
It is a dualistic, physical sensation – and not what meditation is for.

For complete protection, we need to realise that we are pure consciousness.
Once we know this, we never again have to believe.

The world promotes the idea of health and safety,
wrapping us up in restrictions for our protection.

The effect of using the the words “health and safety” creates fear … clever!
That is the subtle manipulation that focuses our attention away from our true reality.

Through proper meditation,
we can prove that our function in life is to realise the truth.

Never take anyone’s word for the truth; test it for yourself.
Who or what is doing this testing? Pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness cannot be destroyed.
It can merely be distracted – even by meditation.

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