Realising The Complete Picture

The complete picture isn’t about gaining more information;
it’s a matter of eliminating it.
In fact, the more we learn, the less we know.

When we drop the information, we are left with nothing.
That ‘nothing’ is pure consciousness.
This is the complete picture of our reality.

Videos and teachings offer explanations,
when it’s all about that which just sees and listens.

If we are looking for anything else,
it’s merely our wishful thinking lying in ambush.

Why are teachings so embellished?
Is the culture keeping the teachings alive?
Or are the teachings keeping the culture alive?

Whatever we are looking for,
the truth is what we are

After fifty years of meditation, retreats, lectures, note taking, cross checking with other traditions and religions, analysing alternative views and examining statements that sound nearly true, I threw it all up in the air … and whatever is left is the reality! 😀 

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