The Moment Of Total Confusion

Sometimes, the past comes to mind with intensity. We may know that “we are free in the moment of seeing”, but the intensity is still whirling like a tornado. That is the moment of total confusion – “Why can’t I stop this?”

Recognise that this tornado from the past has no reality. It’s just a habitual residue and, as such, is either our hell, or our path to liberation. It is these past concepts that hold the idea of a self together. Ordinary people will cling to a hope to cover these feelings up, while a practitioner just appreciates what’s happening, and lets go … lets go ……… lets …… go … and the intensity diminishes.

Teachings are not about knowing something, or reciting a mantra and it works; we have to make it work by taming the wind of experience. Just being aware, head into the wind!

If we back off from a problem, it gets larger.
When we step into it, it vanishes.

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