A child’s game.

The universe seems complex, but it obeys simple rules. If we know the rules, we can lead our own life, otherwise we follow others who follow others who follow others, and no one knows why.

The rules of the universe are expressed in nature itself.
Every chicken knows these rules 🙂

In nature, the rules are fight, flight and freeze = attraction, repulsion and inertia.
In human terms, this equates to desire, aversion and indifference = hope, fear and ignorance.

Maintaining our likes and dislikes while ignoring this behaviour fuels anger and enmityLikes and dislikes are merely adopted ideas that create our opinions and prejudices.

When we understand how these principles work, we experience the world differently. It’s like having x-ray vision – we see through the pretence.

These three elementary principles of hope, fear and ignorance
are materialistic in nature, and have many followers.

Originally, they were primordial in nature and are the very essence of our being.
They are consciousness that is pure and compassionate.

Here is how we lost the plot:
Purity was contaminated by desire.
Consciousness, forgetting its purity, became judgemental,
and compassion turned into ignorance, due to selfishness.

The Buddha said “Don’t take my word for it …”
we have to see all this in action as it can only be realised in practice,
rather than in theory.

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