It Doesn’t Matter What We Know About The World …

It doesn’t matter what we know about the world,
things will happen anyway.
They always have.

Under the guise of a warning is insidious programming.
We see and hear, and we are influenced.

What matters isn’t what we know; it is that which knows which is of absolute importance. Realise that our true nature is pure consciousness, above and beyond all that is happening. Pure consciousness cannot be touched or destroyed.

If, however, we still believe that we are just this body and mind – for example, people who believe they are old will act old – whatever is happening in the world will affect us.

Whatever happens in the world,
it can never affect pure consciousness,
but consciousness can be distracted because it hasn’t realised its purity.

Being distracted is the job of evil intent,
which steers consciousness away from its reality.

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