Whatever Someone Says Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what people say;
what matters is what’s happening in our mind – our reactions.

Ideas placed in the mind make us think that we ‘know’, when this information is having opposite effect of actually knowing. “Don’t take my word for it”, said the Buddha.

Ordinary people react;
practitioners note.

We weaponise information that then lies in ambush in the mind as memory. At a given stimulus, we judge and react, causing conflict. Information works like brand awareness, where the brain lights up and the mind responds before a person even knows it. This is how we lack mental control.

Mind training is giving space to our reactions, holding off by being generous, patient and disciplined. Without this, our reaction are just self-preservation.

Look at yourself and gain confidence in the seeing of that self.
That which sees our self in action is pure consciousness.

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