Am I Deluding Myself Or …

is my self deluding me?
Deluded = make believe.

My self is a projection of ideas in the mind, and I think that this is what I am.

Who am I really?
I am consciousness, pure and simple. The idea of a self doesn’t like the inconvenient truth that it has no existence: consciousness witnesses this – and that is the muddle we Buddhas are in.

This consciousness cannot be found as it is that which is seeing. If we ever find consciousness, we are deluded. We’ve been caught in this mental trap for so long that we never notice consciousness. We think it’s a thing that we have, but it cannot be found. It’s that idiotic because we don’t know what we are, and so we remain confused and thus, upset.

It is this idiot-self that keeps distracting consciousness. This idiot-self can do and say all sorts of clever things, but it can never know what it is. For this reason, a computer/robot can never be conscious, even though the gods of earth think that it can.

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