Seeing The Same Way, Or Seeing More

We (consciousness) look out and see – just see. This is pure seeing. This is pure consciousness. There is nothing exotic; it’s natural. But oh, how we miss this altogether … altogether.

We see, but we miss that first moment of just seeing. Because of that, we begin to relate to whatever we see back to memory, and we superimpose on to the situation. We then judge from these old memories, and react in the same old tired way. That keeps our world ours, and we see no further.

This makes life pretty dull and predictable, and limits our understanding, imprisoning us in the same old assumptions. It’s vertical thinking – we do this and this and this because that’s what we always do.

Lateral thinking is standing back and taking another look, being open to all possibilities. That’s just seeing, without judgements or prejudice.

Seeing afresh is illuminating and inspiring.
Just seeing is Dharma practice.
Anything more exotic is a deviation.

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