Are Realised People (Slightly) Scary?


Realisation may make a person seem different to the conventional way of being, and possibly unnerving and provocative. We don’t know what to expect from them as they are spontaneous, and their behaviour may come across as outrageous, crazy or even annoying to our ordinary way of thinking.

There are some beings whom we may avoid, as we feel they may potentially invoke a shock to our system. I know a Tibetan lama who said he feared meeting a certain high lama as, to ask a question of him would mean walking into the unknown, and the answer may suggest something he didn’t want to address. Some teacher aren’t all smiles (thank goodness 🙂 ); they are direct, cutting through the crap.

There’s a text by Padmasambhava that I don’t read too often as he is very strict, but just the idea of him keeps me focused!

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