The Perfect Business Model = Keep ’em Updating

The perfect business model is getting people to update their toys, or their consciousness.

Business and religions both want us to join their club – their gravy train – and that’s hard to get off without feeling a failure.

We have enough,
if we know how to use what we have.
And what we have is karma!

Karma – the results of our previous actions that we are living through right now, which can limit our understanding. It’s not a punishment; karma shows us our fixations that have to be abandoned to realise our perfect reality.

The universe can instruct us, revealing what is natural and what isn’t. That which is unnatural speaks volumes! The pleasant and unpleasant are under the same umbrella of our perfect reality of pure consciousness.

A club needs money, and that’s okay.
We don’t have to belong to a club, and that’s okay.

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