Better The Devil You Know …

That’s what Buddhism is all about.
Being free in the moment of seeing.

The devil does not exist; it is simply our confusion, and our obsession with a self-image. When we (consciousness) realise our obsession, we are being taught something.

The conundrum:
the non-existent devil is therefore our teacher.
We become enlightened through realising the nature of the devil.

The complete saying is, “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t”, which means becoming familiar with our obsessions – usually about other people, who are also driven by the devil of confusion.

The path to enlightenment is realising the essence of consciousness, and whatever obscures that. If we do not see the devil of confusion at work, we are trapped in a cyclic existence of ignorance.

There is confusion everywhere, and thus everyone is our teacher.

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