What Is The Proof Of The Buddha’s Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the realisation of the truth of our reality, and whatever obscures this. We don’t have to delve into the past to realise our true reality, as the proof is right here, right now.

Through the stillness of meditation, we realise that awareness or consciousness is present and, if sustained, there is the recognition that there is nothing else present. That ‘nothing else’ is the cognisant emptiness of consciousness that is spoken about. It’s a little enlightenment that helps us realise distractions.

True enlightenment is the elimination of all distractions: all karma (attitude) is exhausted and all potential distractions now serve as a reminder of our original state of pure consciousness. Heaven and hell become one.

The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for the truth; test it as you would test for gold.”

So the proof of enlightenment lies with every individual to test it for themselves. No teacher can give the proof we may seek. We are what we seek! We are all Buddhas, but sleeping Buddhas.

If we think that we are anything more or less than this, we are a variation of a hell-being which needs a variation of empathy. There’s a lot of them about! 😀

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