Consumers Of Confusion

Why are we the way we are? We are all influenced from birth by the propaganda mill of confused information about any meaning to life. We’re consumers of confusion. It’s just brain-washing = nurture, plus a nature – a tendency which is different from those around us – which we may have brought with us from birth;

How do we avoid being brain-washed?

Within us all is a knowingness. We may not be able to express this because our minds are clouded by brain-washing, and we consider misguided opinions about our confusion to be normal.

Intuitive knowingness is strong in some while, for others, this is just being fussy. When we ask inner questions, answers come our way; a person, a path, a book appears and meets us halfway. Once we get a taste of freedom, there’s no looking back to our past and wondering what it was all about!

Doubt has always been present and, when others feel it, there is a meeting of minds and the magic occurs. Unfortunately, many cover this doubt with sentimental brain-washing.

That feeling of dissatisfaction
is the beginning of our path to enlightenment,
and life communications become meaningful.

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