Appreciating The Truth

To realise the Buddha’s words in this world of chaos and confusion is both a relief and a comfort. To finally find a true meaning to life after spending decades in anger and frustration is the cause of deep appreciation.

Once we realise the truth, we should never take it for granted. Realisation isn’t an achievement to be proud of. Pride is excessive self-esteem, whereas truth is the birthright of every sentient being.

Realisation is understanding the full implications of why this world is in such chaos and confusion, which can be used to gain advantage. My anger and frustration was due to programmed people enabling this evil to continue manipulating us.

Once we see it, we are free not to react.
Re-acting is self-programming.
It’s that subtle.

Because of deep appreciation for seeing clearly,
empathy and compassion arise for those who haven’t yet realised the truth.

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