Ego Is The Path To Enlightenment


‘Ego’ is Greek for ‘I’ or ‘self’. The ‘I’ is created through consciousness forgetting its natural essence of uncontaminated purity, and instead clinging to ideas, fixating and obsessing about whatever it sees. This self is confused about its reality, and so creates confusion, chaos and discontent. As this self is fuelled by the emotions, it is reactionary, protecting itself from the discovery that it is an illusion of reality.

Now for the good part!
These very reactions show consciousness the clouds of negativity that obscure the pure essence of consciousness – and are therefore our teacher. As long as we are kept either busy or vacant, we will never see this truth. Demonic egos see to it that we remain occupied with ‘entertainment’ and ‘news’ – in other words, mind-washing and mind-filling.

Our path to enlightenment is recognising our own confusion in our reactions. Once we realise that our true nature is constant, ego clinging shrivels away gradually until completely gone, and full enlightenment dawns.

Ego is karma, showing us the way.
We can either constantly forget or constantly remember.

Although we may have a spiritual teacher whom we see now and again,
our emotional self is with us always, until perfect enlightenment.

Our ego is therefore our root guru.

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