Truth Isn’t Exotic … Never Was

Too often, we are so dissatisfied with our life that we turn to something ‘other’. That something ‘other’ can look very exotic, but the problem is falling for the form – the entertainment – rather than realising the essence. The truth can be found or realised within our own culture, within our own mind.

The word ‘guru’ comes from Sanskrit, and means “weighty and serious; demanding careful  consideration or application”. It’s not entertaining at all.

We have to face the life that we are in now. That is where the truth lies, being fully conscious of whatever is taking place in our own mind.

The absolute truth is that we are pure consciousness. It is so plain, it is called ’emptiness’ and is completely ordinary 🙂
Ordinary: with no special or distinctive features; normal, not interesting or exceptional;  commonplace.

Why commonplace?
Pure consciousness is walking around everywhere.

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