Everyone Has An Assignment

Everyone has an assignment
… if we choose to accept it.

Everyone has a divine (not religious) mission in life, an assignment to realise what we ultimately are, which is pure consciousness, rather than the mundane achievements of which we are so proud.

The assignment is written in our karma, the story of how we got to where we are now. Who wrote it? We did, by accepting the status quo as reality.

If we are not living by absolute truth that never changes, we are living by conventional standards of vulnerable impermanence that always lead to misery of some sort.

To change our story and behaviour, we have to change our karma from pointless to mediocre, from mediocre to good, from good to to superior, from superior to none at all. That is the assignment, like it or not.

Where is the evidence of this karmic story?
How happy and understanding are we?

If we do not change our concepts about life
and see the urgency for change,
our assignment will merely last forever.

We can trace our story back
if we see all the connections.

When we break all connections and attachments,
the story ends for a enlightening beginning.

What did you talk about today?

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