Animals Aren’t Evil

Animals aren’t evil – only humans can be evil. All sentient beings are moved by fear, hope and indifference to survive, but it is only when we hold on to our fears, hopes and indifferences that evil arises and causes suffering. It’s because of this evil that enlightenment can occur, as suffering starts us on our journey of realising our ultimate reality.

Evil is caused by a belief in a self that wants to judge and control others. If everything is wonderful and pleasant, we may not feel the need to become enlightened, and we may even go to spiritual teachings just for information that merely adds to our karmic load. We only practise when we see a need. If we don’t see a need, we remain indifferent. In remaining indifferent, evil is bound to occur.

Fears, hopes and indifferences are attraction, repulsion and inertia – the gross laws of the universe. When these laws or principles are seen clearly, they become pure compassionate consciousness, beyond all evil. Because of these enlightened principles, evil can never succeed.

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