The Physical Universe

The universe is infinite space, matter and energy. It has no beginning and no end. If it had a beginning, what was there before? It is unconscious by not knowing, merely reacting to causes and conditions. The physical laws of the physical universe are attraction, repulsion and indifference.

The Conscious Universe

The conscious universe is infinite omniscience. The same laws apply as to the physical universe, but their origin is compassionate, cognisant emptiness.

In the first instant, consciousness is emptiness, pure and uncontaminated.
Once desire/attraction arises, emptiness is forgotten, and the uncontaminated is contaminated.
Once desire has contaminated consciousness, judgement/repulsion arises.
Once judgement has arisen, there is a lack of compassion.

How can we know this?
We can look and see.

Which came first – the consciousness or the universe?
They are a unity.

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