It’s Not A Matter Of How High We Can Go

It’s not a matter of how high we can go
– pure consciousness is always present.

It’s a matter of how low we go
through the distractions of hopes, fears and indifference.

It is our reactions that keep us down,
and not the global elite.

Pure consciousness is our normal, natural state; it experiences without making comments.

It can then either express itself through compassionate understanding or, because we ignore our original state, attach itself to hopes, fears, and indifference. When we become attached, we obsess, falling further into darkness.

All we have to do is remember what we are, and the light switches on, leaving behind the caricature we had become – and the very stupid global transhumans to themselves. 😀

(A transhuman resembles a human in most respects, but has genetically-enhanced abilities include improved intelligence, awareness, strength, or durability beyond those of standard humans. We read about them in comics …)

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