Making The Most Of Ourself

Our ‘self’ is an idea in the mind held together by memories to which consciousness clings. These memories are karma: this karma causes us confusion as we think it’s our reality, while feeling there is more to us. This is correct, but we usually skirt over this feeling and ignore it. Bad move!

Confusion is our path to enlightenment, which is held together by our memories – karma. Karma is our teacher, as we – consciousness – can see the re-enactments going on in the mind.

Our self is the dust on the mirror that obscures clarity. When we realise that there is a lens, which should be clear (and meditation is about allowing the lens to self-clean), this is where consciousness can make the most out of our self.

Practice isn’t about saying mantras nicely, and knowing all the mudras and so on; it’s a matter of seeing the clinging to concepts that do not belong in the mind – the ritualistic structure of a spiritual path, for instance. Awareness is what matters, rather than what natters! 🙂

Being at home with our self’s opinion
means that we do not take our self seriously
– but it’s still a guide to our sanity.

Insane: a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction.

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