Realisation Needs No Organisation

Realisation is the experience of our natural state = free spirit.

If we do not realise our true reality of consciousness, free of doctrine,
we will be bound to others organising our thoughts.

Not knowing our true essence, we turn to various kinds of ‘organisations’ to run our lives for us. We may think that we’re free, but that’s just our mind going along with beliefs. It’s we who have to actually make the journey into consciousness by dropping the fixations which govern us.

We may assume that we think outside the box; we argue … and end up in a boxing match. 😀

We are free when we realise it, rather than just hear about it. Not bound to any ‘organisation’, we’re free to be unconditionally compassionate.

When we arrive at the shore of realisation, we drop the boat of mindfulness, leaving only footprints.
Others can build sand-castles …

Christ wasn’t Christian.
Buddha wasn’t Buddhist.

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