Where We Went Wrong

When we were young, we followed others in a long chain of confusion.

George Orwell’s book, “1984”, is a reality that’s happening now – a false reality, and one in which everyone is living but doesn’t know it.

Even spiritual groups can be misguiding because they act out a culture of absolute harmony without practising actual compassion. They merely enhance relative truth – that’s religion for you 🙂

Relative reality is relating to whatever is seen,
maintaining a duality that judges and lacks compassion.

Absolute reality is direct seeing of pure consciousness = non-duality/non-judgement;
it has insights into the predicaments of relative truth.

When essence becomes institutionalised,
this overshadows empathy and compassion.

Where We Go Right

Isolation from groups means that
there are no frills and no unnecessary embellishments.
We are free to ask questions, and realise answers for ourselves
without being preoccupied by whatever others think.

Dependency makes us lazy.

Realisation is confident ordinariness; it’s nothing special.

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