Turning A Blind Eye

Ignoring what is actually happening.

Turning a blind eye* refers to the act of ignoring or failing to acknowledge something we know is true, or could be true. In pretending not to notice what is happening, we will not have to do anything about it. We are deliberately ignoring undesirable information because we may have to change our way of thinking.

Through our habitual behaviour, the inner eye of consciousness becomes blind -“seeing through a glass darkly” – because of our fixation on information that is convenient to us.

Consciousness is never blind.
It knows
– and that’s why we feel uncomfortable.

How do we open the inner eye of consciousness?
By acknowledging what the blindness is doing to us.
The Buddha’s first precept was to acknowledge suffering.

Then we ask why!

*The origin of the expression ,‘turn a blind eye’, came from Admiral Nelson putting his telescope to his blind eye and saying, “I see no ships”, during the naval battle of Copenhagen in 1801.

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