Division = Divided Up

Division: from Latin, dividere ‘force apart, remove’.

Being encouraged to identify with a self-image, group, or race, we are divided and removed from our natural reality of perfect peace – our common sense.

Throughout history, people have been led to believe that they are ‘something’. That, in itself, shows the ploy of duality or division.

Nowadays, we are ordered to accept diversity and to be inclusive. That manipulation creates division, and is an oxymoron when we consider that we are told to believe in something.

Situations are created to have long-term effects.

Never just accept what is said; look at the effects.
This is why it is wise to repeat the Buddha’s words:
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.”

PS this article is part of the warming-up-to-reality series of being played and taken advantage of,
which is the reason why we need to clear and tame our minds through meditation.

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