So, Why Didn’t I See This Before?

We may wonder,
“Why didn’t I see this before?
It’s so clear now, so why didn’t I get it?”

We have to be in the right place, at the right time, through the right sequence of events, with the right brain clear of misinformation – the right attitude! 🙂

We don’t learn by being told something; we learn through experience, following a logical order sequentially. Being toldsomething doesn’t mean that we know – we just become strutters!

Writing a book on consciousness and obscurations is difficult as, by the time something is written, a refinement or a finer conclusion has occurred. One thing leads to another. Realisations work like that. Teachings – words – merely give us a generalised idea, and that’s all. Don’t take my word for it!

If we are stuck on one concept about consciousness merely to tick a mental box, we become another library of misinformation because we’re not talking to the right person, at the right time … it is we who are misinformants. 😀

Things happen in life that seem disconnected, but then suddenly, we realise that they are connected – even the dead ends we’ve gone down are connected. Letting go means always starting afresh. “Beginner mind, Zen mind.”

If we think our life is hunky-dori (satisfactory and pleasant) and we’re here just to entertain ourselves, then no realisation will ever occur.

Question everything, until there are no more questions; “Oh, they do this, because of that! I understand now, and don’t need to worry about it any more.”

The world has been built on misinformation.
That’s not going to change,
but it does create the ideal conditions for enlightenment.

It’s the Earth Puzzle.
Why are we here?

Pedantic information gives rise to foolishness.
Through meditation, we understand this foolishness,
turning it into wisdom, and so, enlightenment.

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