Gain Confidence Or Lose Confidence

When we have a firm foundation, there is no stopping us.
When we have no firm foundation, we dither and doubt.

This doubt comes from dealing with others.
Do we fit in or not? And what are we trying to fit into?
Who are we trying to impress?

There are variations of confidence and lack of confidence.
This could be the reason that we don’t all see eye-to-eye.

Ten years ago, my wife and I stopped going to teachings and retreats.
We found that others were a bit gluey πŸ™‚
and we were losing confidence by becoming reliant.

Confidence can be merely adherence to and reliance on doctrine.
That adherence suggests a lack of confidence.

Since then, we’ve never been happier,
not answering questions, but questioning answers!

Question that which has been hidden by the answers.
That goes for all matters in life. πŸ˜‰

This why the enlightened one said,
β€œDon’t take my word for it…”

Just completed today – 10 years on this blog = 3,971 non-stop articles!

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