The Illusion Of Conflict

A perpetual state of crisis:
it’s how the unenlightened live.

Have you noticed how we are in a perpetual state of crisis? ‘Crisis management’ seems to create more crisis 🙂 Education never seems to get any better; humanity should have ironed out all the problems by now, but it hasn’t, has it? Why not?

Once managers are chosen for their aptitude and attitude towards a particular placement, they are fed further information that enhances that attitude, along with their career and wealth.

Crisis and confusion keeps the plan going. What plan? The hidden hand of power wants to stay in power, unnoticed. There is no left and right – division is what keeps the game going, while we become involved in the illusion of conflict.

Our happiness relies on freedom from conflict.
Being unhappy makes us victims of organised crisis.

Crisisfrom Greek krisis ‘decision’.
Crisis is a time when a difficult or important decision must be made. It is precisely because a decision has to be made in a time of crisis and confusion, that we actually remain indecisive. Enter the perpetual state of confusion and conflict as predicted in the Mahabharata, the Kali Yuga, the age of strife.

Stop being confused about whatever happens.
It’s someone else’s karmic game
– and this game is the elephant in the room.

(‘Elephant in the room’ refers to a serious problem which people are aware of, but choose to ignore. They think that if they do not talk about it, the problem will somehow go away).

The older we get, the more we recognise the same old eternal pattern of divide and conquer, believers and disbelievers. This is the military strategy of making a group of people disagree and fight with one another, and never join together.

As long as consciousness and mind are kept separate, we will never see the unity within ourselves, and thus bring an end to conflict.

When good and evil,
dark and light,
appearance and recognition,
mirror and its reflection
are seen as a unity,
there will be perfect peace.

It starts with personal realisation of inner peace
– a truce, releasing us from conflict.

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  1. Profound. Fascinating subject. Talking about conflict and military strategy – have you heard about the military term V.U.C.A? If not , you may be interested in reading one of my blog article – Hope to see you there…

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