Beyond Belief, Beyond Dzogchen

Buddhism is not a belief system. In Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen is a tradition of teachings to awaken pure consciousness. It is what we are – the ultimate beyond, beyond words, thoughts, or systems.

Dzogchen, the great perfection or great completion, is also known as ati yoga (utmost yoga), and is aimed at discovering the ultimate ground of ‘existence’ (it does not exist in any physical or mental sense).

This primordial basis has the qualities of purity (emptiness), spontaneity (luminous clarity) and compassion (empathy). The goal of Dzogchen is realisation of this awakened state, known as rigpa/pure consciousness. Dzogchen is a direct instruction to the nature of reality, and awakens rigpa/pure consciousness.

Dzogchen means utter completeness. From the Dzogchen point of view, we are already complete. Nothing needs to be obtained or rejected in order to realise non-duality. This is the path of immediate self-liberation – liberation from our habitual self-destructive-delusional-image.

Where would we be without pure consciousness?
In a state of confusion.

Rigpa is home.

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