Fear Engenderers, Fear Mongers and Fear Believers

In every nuance of life, evil is present, spreading fear among the ignorant, and offering false hope that they will make it better. But it never does get better, does it?

It is the believers or enablers
who allow the engenderers
to engender more of the same.

Stupidity is relying on partial truth,
– hook line and sinker –
without hesitation or reservation.

To put it plainly, people exaggerate.
We exaggerate fear, we exaggerate enlightenment.
And someone down the line receives much remuneration!

Evil knows the human frailty of desire/hope, aversion/fear and ignorance/denial. It’s what runs our lives. As you cannot fool all the people all of the time, evil will fail for those who actually wake up to their own psychology of mind and consciousness. Evil fails because it cannot recognise the wisdom in these extremely negative emotions.

Wisdom is being free of any negative reaction.

It is in the very first instant, just before an emotion arises in the mind and before we go into our habitual response, that pure consciousness is present, and the mind brightens up – “What this!!!?”

The end is nigh?
The end is nigh, all in nature’s own good time.

Phenomena is impermanent.
It is consciousness and the universe that is never born, and never dies.

The proof is in the seeing.

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