One View, Many Expressions

The one view is pure consciousness. We are all pure consciousness, but individual. If we were all ‘one’ then, when one person became enlightened, we would all become enlightened 🙂 This does not happen.

We each express the experience of realisation differently. One master emphasises this, while another emphasises that – they have different approaches. The only definitive answer is in personal experience beyond words. And remember that there are levels of experience; the same words will be used but the meaning changes. In expression, nothing is fixed, while pure consciousness is continuous light.

The levels are coverings that are exposed at the right time. We are already enlightened beings because we are pure consciousness, but we just don’t notice it. 🙂

The point is:
don’t be upset if one master says this,
and another says that.

The Dharma is like a book. Some traditions start at the beginning, and you work your way to the end … sounds reasonable enough. However, there are traditions such as Dzogchen that start at the end of the book, and the rest of the book merely supports the conclusion … this is also reasonable.

Crazy but true.

To the exoteric, we all have to be the same.
To the esoteric, we are all the same.

Crazy but true.

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