Does The Devil Warn Us?

Evil is the act of preparing and owning.

Evil pre-empts, disarming us by posing a threat, and pointing a finger at a plausible outcome so that we do not notice that the intention is our involvement. The threat is a stalking horse.

Stalking horse:
a person or thing that is used to conceal someone’s real intentions.
Why do you think this phrase exists?
It happens.

Evil is the philosophy of dividing our attention, and so conquering it. Diversity creates division. The devil’s disciples are those who point their fingers at one side or another. Evil has always used the principle of dividing our attention so that we do not notice we’re being tricked.

There are natural divisions in people:
know what is real, and what isn’t.

Evil utilises this natural division to ignite dislike, fear and hatred, and gain from it. This is done by covert whisperings.

The only reality is pure consciousness.
Everything else is impermanent,
and subject to manipulation.

Pure consciousness cannot be manipulated,
but it can be and is distracted.

It starts with a seemingly innocuous suggestion:
Every time we are told something is good for the safety and welfare of children, the old and the sick, this will encompass everyone. We all have to take the same medicine. Creating cycle lanes to save the planet causes congestion, and congestion paves the way for congestion charges. 😀
Going digital isn’t for our benefit. Will your carbon credit do you favours, or condemn you?

Always follow the money, follow the power, meet the devil!

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  1. Larry says:

    Left wing politics always seems lacking in gratitude 😝

    Divisive Devils 🤣

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