Is The Foundation At The Beginning Or The End?

Is the foundation the ground or the golden roof?
There is a choice.

Most spiritual traditions start at the beginning of the ‘book of wisdom’, creating the atmosphere for the realisation of truth. At the conclusion, we may understand what truth is, or we may merely maintain a belief.

By starting at the end of the ‘book of wisdom’ – the conclusion – we know what the truth is all about.
The conclusion is that we know what we are, and what we’re doing and why, by testing the contents of the rest of the book.

I spent decades confused about the contents of the ‘book of wisdom’, not becoming any wiser, but just maintaining idiot meditation (so I was told).

One moment of instruction about the end of the book (probably at the right moment, as I had received it before but it had left confusion in my mind) and everything changed. It wasn’t so much the instruction, as the realisation that this ultimate truth was there all the time; it was timeless, in fact, and I had known it all my life.

That golden roof was the foundation of my journey.

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