A Higher Purpose Is Unknowable?

What a confused world we live in.

Some think that there is a higher purpose which isunknowable”.
What is the point of having a higher purpose that’s unknowable?! 🙂

There are so many blogs like this … so many videos, so many books, so many views, it’s hard to make sense out of it all. The important questions is, “Does this information genuintely add quality to our life, or is it just ‘interesting’?”

If we do not come to some conclusion, we will remain con-clue-sion-less 🙂 Coming to a conclusion doesn’t mean this is fixed; it is our conclusion so far. If this conclusion, however, arrives at “unknowable”, that is the end of our story – not anyone else’s – and any enrichment to our life is negated.

To say that a higher purpose is “unknowable” views others’ ability to realise the enlightened state with contempt. With that attitude, a person is regarding themselves as higher than a Buddha, an enlightened being, while subconsciously, they are trying to pull others down by refusing to acknowledge the enlightened potential in us all.

Is our mental universe finite or infinite?

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  1. Mark says:

    Agree with you here Tony. Saying the true self/higher purpose/pure consciousness or whatever you want to call ‘it’ is unknowable is pretty pointless. Perhaps what they’re getting at is that we cannot really describe/capture it in words or the thinking mind. But I do think we can feel/experience it in ourselves. Just hard to communicate it to others —although think your blog does a very good job of pointing to it . perhaps it is potentially ‘knowable’ because as humans in human body form we have some degree of separation from it and so can experience it.l or at least glimpses of it in between all the noise?

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