Intelligent Design?

Intelligent design is a belief that life, the earth and the universe are so complex that they cannot be explained by the scientific theory of evolution, and therefore must have been designed by a supernatural entity; the existence of God.

How intelligent?

There are two possibilities when addressing the subject of God. One: that this is an external being. Two: that it is pure consciousness within ego/I.

What is our potential?
Belief or enlightenment?

The only people who have ever become enlightened are those who did not believe in God. If God did make humans in his own image, why haven’t more people attained God-hood? In the tradition of God, they are merely designated as a saint or prophet by others – after they die.

Throughout history, only a few have realised their true nature; they are esoteric beings. Those who only believe and hope are exoteric beings.

The laws of nature created everything: attraction, repulsion and inertia … fight, flight and freeze … desire, aversion, and ignorance … hope, fear, and indifference. It’s just these three principles or negative traps that create everything. All very clever, but lacking in wisdom of our true reality.

Intelligent design doesn’t indicate wisdom.
Just look at world history.

The wisdom is knowing that the essence of these three negative principles is emptiness, cognisance and compassion. In other words, pure compassionate consciousness.

Belief makes people emotional.
Realisation makes people enlightened.

Enlightenment = constant realisation of ultimate truth that negates belief.

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