Making The Most Out Of Life

Life is consciousness, and consciousness is natural goodness. Making the most out of consciousness is realising that we are this pure, good spirit, rather than spending our life trying to look good.

Nature dazzles with sensuality, and colour, smell, taste, sound, touch bring us to our senses. The seasons are a welcomed change as they follow naturally. We needn’t exaggerate this, however: simple appreciation will do, otherwise we turn nature – and our life – into a ‘fascinating’ subject.

Exaggeration is a distraction. If we hold on to exaggerations, we merely fill up time and space. It’s ironic that religions exaggerate talk about good spirit, while actually separating us; exaggeration breeds extremism, and extremism wants to dominate.

There is a difference between wanting to look good
and having a good look.

A good spirit unites us
– and we don’t have to be religious to appreciate a good spirit.

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