Where Did We Come From?

Where did we come from?
Was there a beginning?

It is suggested that we are infinite beings,
so how are we what we are now?

We all go through cycles of existence, even in this life time, being influenced in some way, both personally and collectively. Are there periods of mass influence? Even though we may have good intentions, we succumb to others’ ways, going round in circles. We find this in any job or career, and even in religions, we fall into line.

Was there a time when good influences were more abundant? Was there a time, place or dimension when all were enlightened? It seems to suggest this in the Yugas – the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and now, the Iron Age.

What happened to us?
We fell into dis-repute/dis-grace through desire and fascination, slowly building up a self-image and a feeling of separation. We will return to grace and higher standing when we realise what we have done (karmic load) and what we can become (re-cognise/re-know our enlightened essence)

It’s the best answer I can come up with at this moment 🙂 At the very least, it has a fearless sense of direction, completion, degradation, confusion, and back to completion. The Iron Age is just a dimming of the light, but we can still see clearly because we look more!

The Dharma is conjecture.
We put together the pieces of the puzzle through experience
in order to complete the picture.

If we don’t like the picture,
we can choose another puzzle.

We’re so old that we are timeless …
we just came out of the muddy swamp.
But why were we in the mud?

A major problem we have is too many ideas, too many traditions, too many loose wires. We need to see how these loose ideas can be tied together on the esoteric level to achieve a sense of positive direction.

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4 Responses to WHERE DID WE COME FROM?


    What a wonderful subject to ease, or provoke the (non) mind! Yin and Yang ever changing absorbing the other.Nirvana and Samsara tightly united and revolving.War the father of all things. (Heraclitus meant the war between evolution and involution) Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, revolving. Super Conscious, Conscious, Sub Conscious, Un Conscious revolving. All the above attempt to describe the ONE beyond time and space.If we add the complementary action of Causation and Randomness of the Newtonian laws and the Quantum fields respectively, then we take a small taste of the unspoken ONE. You may guess it is celestial roulette game.Faites vos jeux monsieur …rien ne va plus …eternallyAll for the benefit and at the expense of the ONE, with no start and no end. What does a (non) person may think out of it?MAN YOU ARE FREE!

  2. Mark says:

    I guess in the same way that on the micro level our thoughts in meditation can be used as our teacher and allow us to know our pure consciousness , the same can be said of what we observe in society. Most of what we are told and see are no more than those passing thoughts. The challenge is I suppose to see those things for the passing/changing things they are so that we can see the absolute from which they came and retuned…and not to get wrapped up in them and identify with them…use them as our teacher but not get attached otherwise we become part of the problem

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,

      Agreed, every thing being impermanent comes to pass. We so easily become part of the problem, so we need constant fine tuning.

      As such, i understand when you say, “… allow us to know our pure consciousness.” the refinement is, we are that pure consciousness.

      We move from duality (us & pure consciousness) to being pure consciousness (non-duality).


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