The Truth Of Truth

We are each our own guru-teacher.
Relying on another’s path may inspire us,
but we go alone.

This isn’t about making up a path,
and using it as an excuse to justify
our selfish behaviour.

It is genuinely taking ourself apart,
with the help of our self.
Our self exposes all that we cling to.
We’re all original recipes.

That’s why our path is unique.
Self is always with us
until the moment of enlightenment.

Many won’t want to hear this,
as guru worship is encouraged.
It’s all about letting go and seeing,
and letting go.

This breathes new life into life.
Truth isn’t something to know.
The truth of truth is pure knowingness;
the circle of no circumference.

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5 Responses to THE TRUTH OF TRUTH


    THE TRUTH (OF inaccessible TRUTH):

    -Α circle who has the center everywhereand the circumference nowhere…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The hallmark of being one’s own teacher is the ability to adapt, and therefore there are no limits – otherwise we impose a fixated idea onto every moment.


  3. Wind says:

    During the Kali Yuga wisdom is no longer appreciated.

    Up is down and black is white!

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