So Few Get It

So few realise their true reality that never changes. Most think consciousness is something that they have, and that’s it; they vaguely assume that there is more, but that it’s unknowable. This is precisely what belief does – it keeps reality a secret, so that we live a mundane life of hopes and fears. We may excel in whatever we do, and can recite verbatim, but it’s all hot air.

Scholars debate endlessly about the ‘verbatim’ – exactly the same words as were used originally – but they entirely miss the point of direct experience and compassion.

When we acknowledge that consciousness is our reality, we realise that this essence, which leads to enlightenment, is the purpose of life.

So few get it,
as enlightenment is meaningless to most.

It’s not a mystery.

We are non-calculating, compassionate consciousness
with nothing more to gain.

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