Resolving Our Mind

Resolving our mind:
lifting the veil.

Our mind is past memories to which consciousness clings. Mistakenly, we call these memories “I”, and this I appears in every conversation to reinforce itself. Everything that we think is coloured by past memories. This I-intelligence is dependent-intelligence = ego.

There is no purpose in pointing a finger at someone else,
and saying … “Ego!”
We all have egos.

The moment we resolve our mind by seeing it in action, we also resolve consciousness, for it is that which is doing the resolving … the seeing. Once we are aware of consciousness, realisation dawns that we are this consciousness, and nothing else. This “nothing else” is the emptiness of consciousness – truly independent-intelligence, free of reference.

We constantly refer to our memories.
This is dead-intelligence.

The moment now is live-intelligence
which is ready to see afresh.

Drop the dead act.
Dead: no longer alive.
Alive: not dead, but aware and interested.

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