Is Religion The Ultimate Quackery?

Is religion the ultimate quackery?
Promising something it cannot give?

We all fall into this subtle trap,
when we forget that is we who have to do the work.

Religion isn’t the same as individual conscious endeavour, which is taking personal responsibility to realise that we are enlightened beings. Religion is a systemised promise of the promised land.

Promise: a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a  particular thing will happen.

The quackery lies in believing that we have to follow, without taking the personal responsibility that is necessary to realise enlightenment. In this way, we are kept wanting. Until we have empathetic compassion without partisanship -prejudiced in favour of a particular cause – we will never realise confidence where there is no ‘comfort zone’.

Claiming to cure something that doesn’t exist is the quackery of belief in words and rituals that we are told will make us ‘better’. It’s a placebo – and we have to be ‘in it’ to be treated.

There are no students, disciples, congregations, followers; these are merely designations for those who believe they are not enlightened beings. rarely, mysterious commentaries are quackery, and confine us to thirsting after more: “Don’t let them wonder, and realise the truth for themselves.”

It is because of this neediness that we will never encounter a truly compassionate spiritual person who can listen, as they’re too busy holding on to their ‘spirituality’.

Have you wondered why there is so much distraction in life?
It allows us to forget!

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