The Age Of Dzogchen

Dzogchen is the Tibetan word for the direct realisation of what we are; pure consciousness.

In the Indian text, the “Mahabharata”, this is the age of the Kali Yuga – the age of conflict – but it is also the age of the fast path to enlightenment. Whether we believe the text or not, this is certainly a time of immense stress.

The Dzogchen teachings are here in the age of Kali to awaken humanity and free it from suffering.

If these times were happy ones, the Dzogchen teachings would not work as people wouldn’t bother; they wouldn’t feel they were suffering.

This age of Dzogchen transforms negative emotions
into their pure state of wisdom.

These are times for this realisation to occur,
and the evil in the world helps us
as it is all too obvious.

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