Balancing The Books

We each have a book – a ledger of karmic activities that have corrupted our mind through desire, creating a habitual pattern of behaviour.

Our path to enlightenment is to lighten this load
of precious winnings.

We have to re-pay these ‘gains’ through generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and wisdom, all of which add up to empathetic compassion, and we stop filling up conscious space.

The result of en-lightening karma is an end to selfish reactions; when they do explode, that becomes a pointing-out instruction. It is therefore karma that is our precious teacher. Karma does not excommunicate us or shun us: it is with us, moment by moment, until the moment of perfect enlightenment.

Our debts are repaid by a feeling of gratitude
for the service this karma has provided.

The great undoing!

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