The Sad Truth

The truth is that which is constant, like a straight line. It is the direct perception of consciousness, without contaminating presumptions.We are this pure consciousness and, as such, nothing special. Our problem is that we want to be something special, someone different, and it is this that causes suffering.

The release from suffering is realising what we are,
rather than what we are told and accept.
That release is the experience of joy.

When we sit down after a period of hard labour, we feel relaxed. Now, consider a lifetime of anxiety suddenly lifted –that is some relief! We no longer feel we have to follow the stereotypical ways that created our anxiety in the first place. How often have I spoken to spiritual teachers and asked, “Do I have to be like them?”? 🙂

Sadness is a heavy heart that restricts.
Through empathy, we feel it in others.

Idealism is a representation of truth, rather than the actual reality; it is a mental construct. It assumes that perception is reality, when the reality is consciousness behind the perception. Therefore idealism romanticises and is unrealistic.

What is more important, the journey (words) or arriving (the meaning)?

Hope and fear freeze us.
Wisdom frees us.

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