The Problem For A Buddha

The problem for the Buddha, Jesus and other enlightened beings is that their teachings are turned into religions. This has the effect of either gathering believers in ritual or putting people off for ever, and both create psychological problems of instability. The very word ‘religion’ means to bind, to convert to religious belief.

These teaching are for people to realise their highest reality which is pure consciousness, rather than adoring a figurehead. Belief can make us feel and do wonderful things, but we relinquish control and grow dependent.

When we realise the teachings, we become our own teacher.

Belief is unnatural addiction. It is pseudo-knowing, accepting something that is merely hearsay, without proof. Joining a group may make us feel comfortable, but it makes us separatists, unable to accommodate to others’ views.

When we have experienced the natural teachings and understand them from within, true confidence arises. We are already enlightened beings: trying to become enlightened is trying too hard, and works against realisation. Feeling we have to get somewhere when we’re already there is counter-productive.

Enlightenment is knowing what we are,
and never forgetting.

The problem lies in making pure consciousness into some thing.

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